Master Bathroom Remodel

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Master Bathroom Remodel Dallas, TX

In need of an escape? A master bathroom remodel could be the little piece of heaven that is missing from your life. Michael Lyons provides home owners with the ability to relax in a comfortable atmosphere with an amazing bathroom remodel.

Add your own unique style! Skylight fixtures in your master bathroom remodel will let in natural light. Mirrors can also make the area feel spacious for smaller master bathroom areas. Architect Michael Lyons often uses mahogany cabinetry and skirting for Whirlpool bathtubs to create a warmer feel in the master bathroom. Michael Lyons also designs his and her vanities, floor to ceiling mirrors, butt-jointed glass exteriors, custom cabinetry,  and walk in showers.   Double sinks can be a great addition that could raise the value of your remodel. There are so many places to draw inspiration from.  Did you see a master bathroom that you liked in a magazine or television show?  Lyons Architect can tailor the design elements to fit your space.

Michael Lyons also has the experience to recommend the right types of materials that will be perfect for a master bathroom renovation.  Many people are looking to add new luxurious materials. However, one must consider their durability in a busy, humid environment.  Granite countertops or marble countertops can add to the luxury of your space.

There are many elements that go into remodeling a master bathroom.  It’s important to hire an architect or designer when planning a remodel, as they have the experience needed to keep your additions up to city codes.  If you’re looking to move the location of your sink or shower, you must consider where the new plumbing and fixtures can be feasibly located.  Lyons Architect will create a perfect design while maximizing space in your remodeled bathroom layout. Bathrooms are a very personal part of your house.  Consulting a designer and architect, such as Michael Lyons, will ensure that the layout is done properly for a better bathroom renovation.

Michael Lyons has worked with many customers on their master bathroom remodel to create the perfect relaxing area. Remodeling a master bath can be a great investment that also rewards the home owner with a space that more closely meets their daily needs and personal taste.

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