Custom Outdoor Living

Michael Lyons will design a beautiful outdoor living area to fit your specific needs.

Custom Outdoor Living Design in Dallas, TX

Home owners living in Dallas can transform any ordinary piece of yard space into an astonishing outdoor living area. Many owners view their outdoor living areas as an extension of their homes.  Let architect Michael Lyons design your outdoor living space for entertaining guests in your backyard or a serene retreat for relaxing outdoors.

Michael Lyons has transformed many outdoor spaces in Dallas into beautiful works of art. Outdoor living areas can include leisure activities such as relaxing by the pool or lounging by the fire place.  Whatever your backyard needs, Lyons can design a custom outdoor living area to suit you.  It doesn’t matter if you need an efficient design for a small backyard or need to fill a large backyard space.  With years of experience in designing outdoor living spaces, we will be able to maximize your outdoor living potential.

Dallas residential architect Michael Lyons has created beautiful outdoor spaces that include patios, pavilions, and outdoor dining areas.  Each design is unique and the possibilities for your backyard are endless! The most innovative designs allow you to bring the indoors to the great outdoors! A perfect outdoor kitchen could include a barbeque pit, a fire pit, a BBQ island, or an outdoor bar!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your perfect outdoor space. Everything is designed with you in mind.  Lyons can even match the design to the exterior of your home for a seamless transition to the outdoors!

A backyard is a great space for making additions to your home.  Lyons Architect will assist you in making your dream a reality!  It’s important to hire an architect when building backyard living spaces to ensure that your design conforms with coding, permits, and zoning laws.  A good architect will also allow you to maximize your investment and get the best recommendations for materials and craftsmen.

If you have any questions about specific designs or for more assistance with your outdoor living designs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, or Southlake, contact residential architect Michael Lyons at his office at 214-356-9600 or email at  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Michael Lyons is among Dallas’s premier residential architects and his architectural designs can be found in the nicest homes in neighborhoods in Dallas, the DFW metro area and beyond. When you seek a residential architect or home architect in the North Texas area to build your dream home or renovate all or part of your existing residence, depend on residential architect Lyons’s architectural design services. To contact Michael Lyons call 214-256-9600.